Client Stories : Lucie

Massage: A True Game Changer

In my retirement, golf has become more than just a pastime—it’s a passion that brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

Playing golf with my friends is one of the highlights of my week, providing not only a physical challenge but also a wonderful social experience.

However, the pleasure I derive from the game has been somewhat dampened by persistent pain in my lower back and shoulder. These issues started to impact my performance and even limited the amount of time I could comfortably spend on the golf course.

Fortunately, I discovered the benefits of massages from Target Therapies. Their targeted treatments have been a game-changer for me, significantly alleviating the pain in my back and shoulder. Regular sessions have not only reduced my discomfort but also enhanced my flexibility and overall performance.

Thanks to these massages, I am now able to enjoy longer rounds of golf without the nagging pain that used to hold me back. This improvement has allowed me to fully embrace my retirement, spending more quality time on the golf course with my friends and savouring each moment of the game I love.

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