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Massage For Physical and Mental Health: Finding Relief from a Desk Job

Working long hours at a desk, glued to my computer screen, has taken a toll on my neck and shoulders, often leaving me with persistent knots and discomfort. It has also taken a toll on both my physical and mental health. To combat this, I decided to join Target Therapies membership, where I now enjoy a monthly session dedicated to my well-being. This hour is a sanctuary from the daily grind, allowing me to unwind, de-stress, and focus solely on myself. The calming environment and the expert care I receive make it the best part of my month.

Each visit, Viv, my therapist, listens attentively to my concerns and tailors the treatment to address my specific needs. Her skilled hands and personalised approach ensure that every knot is meticulously worked on, and the stress melts away. This customised care not only alleviates my physical discomfort but also rejuvenates my mind, leaving me refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Additionally, following Viv’s advice to incorporate evening walks into my routine has significantly boosted my mental well-being. Taking these walks not only helps in alleviating the physical stiffness from sitting all day but also provides a mental break, allowing me to disconnect from work-related stress.

The dedication and expertise at Target Therapies have truly transformed my monthly routine, making self-care a rewarding and essential part of my life.  I now feel more balanced and better equipped to handle the demands of my job, proving that taking care of both body and mind is crucial for sustained productivity and well-being.


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