'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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Our goal is to provide exceptional therapies to further your well-being and target your specific needs. To this end, we hold our therapists to the highest standards of both service and professionalism.

Our complaints policy is here to assure you that if we somehow fail to meet your highest expectations, we will do anything necessary to make it right.

1. Ask your Therapist

If during your session you have a specific request or comment, you should always feel free to make it directly to your therapist.

2. Lodge a Complaint

If you were unsatisfied with any aspect of your treatment, please use our contact form to leave us your comments. Please allow us 3 business days if necessary to gather any information to investigate your complaint.

3. Escalate to the Managing Director

If our therapists and staff have responded and have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, or if they have not responded within 3 business day, please contact the managing director directly at nick@targettherapies.co.uk

4. Refer to the relevant professional body

All of our therapists hold relevant accreditations from recognised professional bodies. If your complaint relates to unprofessional conduct by your therapist, you may bring your complaint directly to them. We will upon request provide you the name and contact details of the specific professional body your therapist is accredited by.

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