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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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For those companies who have subscribed to our onsite services, please select your company below and book your individual session using your own email address.  

What we do

We specialise in providing you with the most enjoyable and effective health enhancing on-site employee benefit imagineable.

Target Therapies “On Site Corporate Massage” is an ideal employee benefit for companies who truly value employee welfare, appreciate the impact of a positive and de-stressed workforce, and have the desire to  “stay ahead of the rest”.

Our on-site corporate service provides a range of short massage therapies starting from as little as 10 minutes per person, carefully designed to complement daily office life, events, functions and training days. Single or multiple therapists can be requested to attend ad hoc events, conduct regular office-based massages in an assigned space or provide short refreshing desk-based sessions.  All of our therapy choices, both over the clothes and oil-based massages, are designed to relax, rebalance and energise each individual, promoting both mental and physical wellbeing.

Replace stress and screen staring coffee breaks with short, energising and refocusing massage breaks… and see the difference!

Our Services

Recommended On Site Packages

Take a Break – Desk Based Massages

These workstation based treatments allow us to quietly and quickly work our way around the office, treating large numbers of employees in a very short space of time.
Head, Neck and shoulder massage (10 minutes per client) Indian Head Massage (10 minutes per client) Option to double up for a 20-minute session per client.

Sit and De-stress – Seated Massage Sessions

Our ‘Sit and De-stress’ package provides the most popular on-site massage in which clients are able to fully relax in our super-comfy massage chair whilst receiving their massage of choice. Options include: Seated Acupressure Massage Therapeutic Seated Massage (oil-based) Indian Head Massage Reflexology (oil-based)


If time is short or you have large numbers of employees, we would be happy to provide you with multiple therapists*. In order to reach and treat as many of your employees as possible, additional therapists will be provided at discounted rates.
*Subject to availability for a given expertise area

of our visits

All of our treatments can be a real treat and motivator for any occasion, but for optimal results we strongly advise regular and frequent sessions. In our commitment to promote employee health and welfare in the best possible way, you will see that discounts are available for more frequent bookings.

How it helps your business

Happy healthy employees are a vital ingredient to any successful business. Physical comfort and reduced stress levels have a significant impact on concentration levels and staff morale. Our simple scheme can have a profound effect on the wellbeing of employees and their performance at work. Reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity and increased self-worth, to name just a few. On-site Massage not only provides a highly attractive employee benefit to current employees, it can also catch the eye of prospective candidates and assist your company’s recruitment program.

How can we help you?

On-site Corporate Massage

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Already decided?

If you know the massage service you would like, please take a look at our online booking system and find an session time that suits you.

Call us for more information : 0845 850 8801 or 0345 850 8801