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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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Our Services

At Target Therapies, our wish is to provide regular and affordable treatments to really help your body get better, for you to feel better and to assist you in reaching a genuine state of physcial and mental well-being. As a result, we provide a range of session lengths and pricing to suit a range of budget and time contraints.


Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

  • 60-minute session: £45
  • 45-minute session: £35
  • 30-minute session: £25


  • 45-minute session: £35
  • 30-minute session: £25

Specialist Shoulder, Neck and Head Massage

  • 30-minute session: £25

Swedish Massage

  • 45-minute session: £35
  • 60-minute Full Body: £45

Mix & Match

  • 60-minute session: £45
  • 90-minute session: £65

Indian Head Massage

  • 30-minute (laid down) session: £25
  • 20-minute (sat up) session: £18

New to massage? …

1. In Preparation for your treatment

While it is not essential, clients are always encouraged where possible to arrive to an oil-based treatment having showered, with clean hair for a head massage as it will allow oils to be absorbed more easily by the hair and skin. It is advised that client’s use the toilet facilities before the session commences to avoid the need for a mid-massage break!

2. Time of arrival:

Being able to start the session on time, is the best way to maximise the massage experience, so make sure you arrive well on time. Should you arrive a little early or find the massage room door occupied, please take a seat in the waiting area in reception, until you are collected.

3. Initial Consultation

On your first visit, a more thorough consultation about your past and current health will be conducted. It is essential and a legal requirement before any massage therapy can take place. It not only informs and directs the therapist during the massage treatment but also highlights any contra-indications, should any be present. Please allow an additional 15 minutes Consultation Form >>

4. Within the treatment session:

Thereafter, each session includes a 2-3 minute window for a screening consultation and dressing time, where required. For an oil based massage, you will be given the complete privacy to de-robe and get comfortable on the massage table or chair, with the option of covering yourself with a towel or sheet prior to the appearance of the therapist.

5. Post Treatment and Aftercare Advice

You will be given the opportunity to redress in complete privacy and your therapist will discuss with you, relevant aftercare advice. For an overview of massage aftercare, please feel free to download this leaflet now for reference. Aftercare Leaflet >>

6. Frequent Massages

Of course, massage benefits are far superior in regular and frequent massage sessions, both for remedial and preventative work. Re-bookings can be made with and paid for with the therapist at the end of your session or online in your own time. For frequent massage sessions, please do ask your therapist about our ‘Loyalty Cards’ for frequent visitors.

7. Feedback

Your massage experience is of the upmost importance to us so we encourage you to provide feedback both verbally and in writing.  By letting your therapist know your preferences, the massage can be increasingly directed and catered to your preferences and needs. We always welcome Testimonies and equally should you wish to send some feedback or a  suggestion, we welcome all comments so we can maintain the highest of standards and continually improve on the treatments we provide.

How can we help you?

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Already decided?

If you know the massage service you would like, please take a look at our on line booking system and find an session time that suits you.

Call us for more information : 0845 850 8801 or 0345 850 8801