'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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Committed to the ongoing and all round wellbeing of our clients, we would like to offer full access to an array of health and wellbeing advice to help individuals to promote personal ongoing health at home, outside of yet complementing our hands-on and Webex Wellbeing sessions.

For just £8 a month, or £79 annual fee, or free access if you are a Target Therapies Member!, you will have all year access to health promoting links including but not limited to:

*8 x Pilates and workout sessions performed by our qualified PT and therapist, Sisi

*Stretch Demos designed to assist and really help resolve upper and lower body tension

*Key tips to reduce upper body pain and tension headaches resulting from daily sitting/office based work

*NLP coaching advice to promote increased mental health and wellbeing

*Video guidance for those diagnosed with Parkinson Disease and their carers

*Health shake recipes

*How to de-stress daily life for better mental and physical health

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Wellbeing Portal Access

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