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Responsible for the Sherfield on Loddon Clinic and the therapists and clients who attend there.

Nicci Panchaud

Nicci Panchaud

Massage and Beauty Therapist

Nicci is our Associate clinic manager and therapist in the Sherfield on Loddon clinic throughout the week. 

Hi Everyone, my name is Nicci and I am a member of the team at Target Therapies.  I specialise in Eastern Medicine Therapies providing pain relief and wellbeing through Acupuncture or Tui Na treatments, as well as offering relaxing aromatherapy massage, facials and beauty treatments.

I am a fully qualified and experienced therapist and trained at the Body Harmonics school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cheltenham.

Used together or individually, both Acupuncture and Tui na massage repair the body, relieve pain symptoms and  treat many underlying conditions both internal and muscular skeletal.

Hello I’m Nicci….

Having always had a desire to work in the health and wellness industry, I completed a three year Aesthetician and Aromatherapy course at the Weston College – South of England, going on to manage two clinics in the Bristol area.

In  2010, I read an article on Acupuncture which fuelled my fascination and intent to find alternative healing practices.  Ones that delivers results on their own, or that compliment and work with the conventional Western Medicine approach.

Originating in China, many years ago, Acupuncture stimulates the bodies’ own natural ability to heal itself.  I wanted a greater understanding of this, and how we can function to greater performance levels, when our bodies are in tune and balanced. In Chinese medicine, they call this the balance of the Ying and Yang.  The opposites working in harmony.

I then undertook a three year course in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Acupressure, deep tissue manipulation / massage (Tui Na) and cupping.  I have been successfully practicing now for four years.

I trained with one of the most well-respected acupuncturist and published Author on the subject – Maria Mercati at her Training centre in Cheltenham – The Body Harmonics School of Traditional Chinese medicine.

I am able to treat both muscular skeletal injuries and pains, as well as internal disorders such as IBS & digestive issues, Head aches & Migraines, Arthritis, Bursitis, Fertility…….and many more.

As a fully qualified Acupuncture and Tui Na Therapist, I am fully insured, and a member of the Acu-therapy and Acupuncture Council of Great Britain.

I am delighted to be working with Target Therapies based at Sherfield on Loddon and shortly at the Basingstoke sports centre.

Please come and have a free consultation with me, so I can understand your condition better. I will be able to work out a specific treatment plan for you, to ensure we manage and treat your symptoms to best effect.

Alternatively, if you just want to feel happier, healthier, less stressed and well balanced, Acupuncture and Tui Na or Aromatherapy massage can help with that too!

E.T I have had a number of treatments with Target Therapies and have found the service to be excellent. The therapist is always on time and asks questions to make sure I get the best treatment.


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