Sporting Events


Our highly professional Sports Therapists are dedicated to enhance sporting performance and injury prevention through on-site massage both before, during and after sporting events.


Looking after our muscles and joints is essential for who wish to remain injury free, from those choose to participate in a low intensity charity event to top athletes competing in world class competitions.  Massage is an ideal therapy for athletes of all types, enabling muscles to prepare for activity, prevent injury and aid recovery.


Pre-Event Massage:

Pre-event massage is a great way to get both the body and mind ready for any sporting event. Through the use of invigorating massage techniques, muscles will be warm, supple and ready for activity enabling optimal performance results and reducing the risk of injury.


During-Event Massage:

When the muscles have been worked hard but need to keep going, sports massage can be highly effective in supplying the muscles with much needed oxygen and movement whilst preventing cramps, pains and lactic acid build up.  The massage itself works them muscle in a controlled way allowing the muscles to recover whilst remaining warm and ready for further sporting activity.


Post-Event Massage:

Post-event massage works on reviving and relaxing fatigued and strained muscles.  It’s long soothing massage stokes rid the muscles of unwanted lactic acid build up and enhance the repair of damaged tissue. Through a combination of massage and gentle stretching, post-event massage is a perfect way to finish every occasion of physical exertion and competition.


Sporting Massage is traditionally done on massage tables, but we also provide the popular on-site option of seated massage which is an excellent option for both athletes and spectators requiring upper body massage!


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