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Customer H (23 Jul 2019 14:00)

I am currently awaiting possible full shoulder replacement due to major wear and tear which is causing enormous pain and restriction of movement. With a mixture of massage of the muscles and soft tissue near, but not on the shoulder blade or upper arm, and some reflexology Jen was able to reduce the pain and make some arm movements much less painful. Pending surgery I expect more visits to keep as much pain at bay as possible


Customer G (31 Mar 2019 23:26)

I had a really relaxing facial massage with Nicci.  Both professional and friendly, I would definitely recommend her, and am looking forward to my next treatment already.


Customer F (31 Mar 2019 20:37)

Dear Jen

Thank you for the deep muscle massage sessions to help me with the pain I have been experiencing in my arm.  Already in the first session I felt a lot better and after the second I can now ride my bike without the intense burning sensation.

I also enjoyed the more relaxing therapies I had at your pamper evening, well done to you and your team.


Customer E (2 Mar 2019 14.15) I had a sports massage with Jennie at the sports centre and will certainly go back. She was extremely professional, found what and where my aches and pains are and worked on them. I cetainly felt better afterwars and can’t recommend highly enough.

Customer A (27 Feb 2019 12:00) : Jen is fabulous at what she does. It was a relaxing and effective reflexology session and I am very grateful…

Customer B (10 Feb 2019 10:00) Friendly. Personalised treatment. Jen remembers how much pressure I like, but always asks if it’s ok. She also remembers me..

Customer C (23 Nov 2018 12:15) I went in feeling very tense and achey and literately felt like a weight had been lifted once Jen had…

Customer D (12 Nov 2018 14:00) I have been seeing Jen for the last 9 months and highly recommend for sports massage. Very friendly and professional

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