'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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Corporate NLP Online Sessions​

NLP is of particular value in the workplace for those who really wish to get ahead.  Packages may include:

Reading and use of high level communicative skills

Teaching in persuasive techniques

Anxiety reduction when presenting/speaking in public

Goal setting to progress within and for a company

Big thinking strategies and visualisation techniques

Positive thought to behaviour tools

Self-motivation and professional development plans

Stress reduction

Management of health issues to support effective working

Corporate NLP Online Sessions​

If you would like to see how NLP coaching may assist you personally or professionally, please book into our online Initial Consultation so we can perform a thorough consultation of your present situation and desired outcomes.

Sessions can range from short series of online sessions to learn the tools required to resolve current unwanted mental health issues or regular coaching sessions over a period of months to optimise professional performance and personal development.

NLP Corporate Online Wellbeing and Performance Sessions

NLP stands for Neuro linguistic Programming which provides an effective mentoring methodology to help individuals thrive both on a personal and professional level.  The two parts of the course go hand in hand, with happy confident individuals being far more able, and successful in the workplace, whilst recognising the requirements and areas of focus differ for each area, and for each individual.

*Monthly Online Webex NLP wellbeing sessions for mental health and employee wellbeing

*Monthly Online Webex NLP Goal Setting Session, with structured professional feedback to managers, for increased productivity

Sessions are carefully designed to increase productivity for employees by keeping them physically and mentally well, providing one to one webex sessions to discuss and resolve professional issues, concerns and obstacles that may affect their productivity, and ultimately ensure employees feel heard, recognised and a sense of belonging. 

Our packages consisting of both onsite massage, clinic based therapies and online wellbeing and performance sessions, are designed to accommodate all company set ups, providing suitable and flexible sessions to really help employees both physically, emotionally and professionally.

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