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Lymphatic drainage massage is a therapeutic technique designed to gently stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding the removal of toxins and waste from your body. It works to promote lymph flow, reduce swelling and improve the function of the immune system. 

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Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

  • Reduce water retention and bloating
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Aids detoxification
  • Promotes relaxation and stress- relief
  • Improves skin health and clarity
  • Aids in post-surgery healing and scar reduction

Our recommendation

“Lymphatic drainage massage is a great treatment for anyone experiencing swelling in the arms or legs, stiff joints, bloating or problems with constipation or digestion. If you are feeling bloated or lacking energy then we recommend you book in for a lymphatic drainage massage. We love this wonder treatment- it helps clear acne, de-bloats and improves energy levels.” – our Lead Therapist

What to expect during a lymphatic drainage massage

After being greeted by your therapist, a short consultation will be held to identify any specific areas you would like to focus on so your therapist can best address your needs. 

Using light pressure and long, rhythmic strokes, your therapist will follow the lymphatic pathways, targeting areas of congestion to encourage lymph flow to redirect toxins out of the system. You will be lying down for the duration of the treatment. Communicate with your therapist during the treatment about pressure or any discomfort you are feeling.

FAQs about lymphatic drainage massage

Basingstoke Sports Centre, Belvedere House Basingstoke, Reigate and Winchester clinics offer the lymphatic drainage treatments (including for post-surgery). 

Post-surgery lymphatic drainage massage can significantly speed up recovery after surgery by reducing swelling (edema) and expediting healing. Lymphatic drainage massage aids in the removal of excess fluid buildup, reducing discomfort, and promoting healing around the surgical area. The treatment can also support scar reduction, boost the immune system and support the body post-surgery with pain management, helping you have a smoother and more efficient road to recovery. 

Post-surgery lymphatic drainage massage uses gentle techniques, concentrated on the specific area(s) affected by surgery to help reduce swelling, aid in scar tissue management, and support the immune system to help the recovery process. 

Lymphatic drainage massage for non-surgery has been designed for general wellness and aims to boost lymphatic circulation to reduce fluid retention, improve immune function and promote relaxation. Both treatments will be tailored to the needs of the individual. 

No, it’s a gentle and non-invasive massage that should not cause pain.

Drink plenty of water and eat a light meal before your treatment. Avoid taking ibuprofen or other blood thinners one week before your massage, as this will reduce your risk of bruising. We recommend wearing wear loose, comfortable clothing to reduce discomfort and avoid impeding natural lymph flow.

Some people can experience increased urination, light-headedness, or temporary soreness, but these effects are typically short-lived. We recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and to encourage lymph flow. Continue to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

Depending on individual needs and comfort, getting a lymphatic drainage massage once a month or more frequently may be beneficial. Lymphatic drainage massage is available as part of our silver membership package, to make regular sessions more affordable. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very safe treatment but there are some health conditions which it is not suitable for. Please discuss with your therapist if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, kidney disorder, chronic inflammation or blood clotting or a heart condition. Your therapist will be able to recommend a more suitable treatment to address your specific needs. For post-surgery lymphatic drainage massage please consult with your healthcare provider prior to booking to ensure the incision has fully healed.

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what our clients say

very knowledgeable

5 star rating
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5 star rating
I visited Sisi for a course of Lymphatic Drainage treatments following surgery. At first I was very anxious and nervous about hands on therapy, as I was only 2 days post operative and in quite a lot of pain. Sisi reassured me, made me feel completely at ease and explained everything to me about the treatment, what it does and why it is so important following surgery. I left my first treatment session feeling more relaxed, in less pain and a lot more positive about my recovery. My post surgery symptoms improve after each treatment, including my sleep, which is very important for healing and recovery.

gentle and skilled

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’ve had 2 lymphatic drainage massages with Sisi and it’s made such a huge impact and to my post surgical swelling. Sisi has been amazing not only is she incredibly informative and knowledgeable she’s so kind and friendly she really makes you feel at ease throughout the session. I feel amazing afterwards and you can see and feel the difference from the massage. I would highly highly recommend!

Lymphatic drainage massage is available at Basingstoke Sports Centre,
Belvedere House Basingstoke, Reigate and Winchester.