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Headache relief via cranial trigger point massage is a targeted therapy that uses specific pressure points on the head, neck and shoulders to reduce muscle spasms and tension, alleviate headache symptoms and promote relaxation. 

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Benefits of cranial trigger therapy

  • Relieves headache intensity and frequency
  • Eases tension in head, neck and shoulders 
  • Improves blood circulation to ease headache triggers
  • Aids relaxation and reduces stress
  • Supports overall well-being and headache management

Our recommendation

“Cranial Trigger Therapy is a gentle yet powerful treatment, focusing on relieving tension in the head, neck and shoulders. It’s particularly effective for those experiencing headaches, migraines, or stress-related issues. This therapy uses precise pressure points to release tension, promoting relaxation and pain relief. It’s a soothing experience, ideal for enhancing mental clarity and overall calmness.” – our Lead Therapist

What to expect during a cranial trigger therapy session

After being greeted by your therapist, a short consultation will be held to identify any specific areas you would like to focus on so your therapist can best address your needs. Using gentle to moderate pressure on targeted trigger points on the head, neck and shoulders, your therapist will work to relieve headache symptoms and induce relaxation. You may experience light pain or discomfort at first from the concentration of pressure and the fact that trigger points are quite sensitive. Your therapist will make sure you are comfortable but do communicate with your therapist at any point during the treatment if you need more or less pressure.  

FAQs about cranial trigger therapy

All clinics offer a selection of headache relief treatments:

  • Headache relief via focused deep tissue and trigger point therapy to the upper body is available at Basingstoke Sports Centre, Belvedere House Basingstoke, Winchester and Sherfield-on-Loddon clinics. 
  • Cranial trigger point therapy is available at Reigate, Belvedere House Basingstoke and Basingstoke Sports Centre. 
  • Cranial Tui Na with eastern acupuncture for headaches is available at Sherfield-on-Loddon only.

It can be part of a comprehensive approach, but for chronic headaches, consulting a healthcare provider for a treatment plan is advisable.

You may experience some temporary soreness or tenderness in the treated areas, but this usually dissipates quickly. Drink plenty of water to help rehydrate post massage. 

We recommend avoiding cranial trigger point therapy if you have any of the following conditions: recent injury to the head or neck, recent surgery to the head or neck, acute infections or osteoporosis. It is strongly advised that individuals with specific health concerns or medical conditions seek guidance from their healthcare professional before undergoing cranial trigger point massage therapy.

Some people experience immediate relief after one session, however multiple sessions may be beneficial to maintain relief. The regularity of sessions will depend on the individual- including regularity and severity of headaches experienced. 

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what our clients say

helped so much

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had my first Headache relief deep tissue massage and it has helped so much. Really felt at ease and thankful that I decided to book it. I would definitely recommend.

wish i could give ten stars

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had extreme neck pain and that was giving me headaches, since my massage the headache never came back and no more Anadin. Believe me if your job makes you tired and muscle aches go to Target Therapies. You just need to tell her where the pain is and believe me she can sort it. Very clean and very professional and you will get best of the money you have spent.

Cranial Trigger Therapy is available in all clinics.