Meet Your Therapist & Consultation

Your session begins with a discussion with one of our skilled therapists, who will evaluate your condition, identify areas of tension and potential causes of discomfort. By understanding what you hope to gain from your treatment(s), your therapist can tailor the session to address your specific needs. 

Please ensure you have completed your online health profile prior to your appointment as this will allow your therapist to establish if you are suitable to receive the treatment and note any important conditions or particular areas of discomfort. This information will help make sure you gain the most possible benefit from your session(s) at Target Therapies. 


Your therapist will advise what position to lie on the bed and which covers to cover yourself with. They will then step out of the room for a moment to allow you to undress. The level of undress will vary depending on your own personal comfort and the type of treatment you are having. This can also be discussed with your therapist pre-treatment.

During your Treatment

During your treatment, your therapist will only uncover the area of your body they are working on, ensuring you feel comfortable and respected the entire time. 

Your therapist will communicate with you throughout the session to prioritise your comfort and address any concerns. Your session is tailored to you, so don’t hesitate to share feedback with your therapist. Whether you prefer a quiet or conversational experience, our goal is to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your treatment.

Post Treatment

Once your session has finished, your therapist will wait outside the room while you re-dress. When you are ready, your therapist will see you out of the clinic. We recommend you drink plenty of water post-treatment for rehydration. 

Our massage sessions vary in length from 45 minutes to 120 minutes. Each session includes a 5 minute review at the start of your session to discuss your consultation form and requirements and 5 minutes to undress and redress. For example a 60 minute session will be a minimum of 50 minutes of hand to skin massage time. 


You can book an appointment online, or by contacting the Target Therapies by phone on 0345 850 8801.

You can cancel your booked treatment by logging into your account on the website under ‘My Bookings’, or by calling Target Therapies on 0345 850 8801.

Please note our late cancellation policy: treatments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance of your session without any additional charge.

Should you wish to entirely cancel your booking to receive a credit note please email us at info@targettherapies.co.uk.

If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged at the full rate. If you arrive late for your appointment you will have less treatment time. To ensure a relaxing experience, and to get the full benefits of the treatment, we advise guests to arrive on time (or early) for all scheduled appointments. 

Yes. Please go to ‘My Bookings’ to amend your booking up to 24 hours in advance of your session.

Please aim to arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled massage. As a courtesy to other members and guests, we must start and end each massage service at the scheduled time; accordingly, we will not be able to extend the time of your service if you arrive late. 

We take advanced payment via secure online payment at the time of booking. Once a treatment has been scheduled, your therapist will receive a booking confirmation alert. If for any reason you are unable to pay online at the time of booking, please contact us.

To purchase a membership please do so via online bookings- https://www.targettherapies.co.uk/book/ 

  1. Choose the clinic of your choice and choose ‘memberships’
  2. Select your preferred membership
  3. Choose the date and time of your initial session
  4. Await for us to contact you with your unique membership code

For monthly payments, a direct debit of 12 monthly payments will be set up on receipt of your initial Monthly Membership booking For further questions please contact us as: Bookings@targettherapies.co.uk

Our 6 month membership credits are valid for 6 months and the 12 month membership credits are valid for 12 months. Any unused massage credits will not roll-over after your membership has expired. No refunds are issued for unused credits. Please be sure to use your credits in the time frame stated. 

Yes, we accept gift cards for Target Therapies treatments. 

Yes, Target Therapies can treat individuals between the ages of 13 and 17 but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Yes, please note that prices and services are subject to change at any time.

If you are feeling sick or unwell prior to the start of your scheduled massage, we encourage you to contact us and to stay home. If you begin to feel sick during your treatment, please let your therapist know immediately.

Yes. Any changes must be reported in full at the beginning of each session and be updated in your online health form prior to each session.