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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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'Specialists in Onsite, Wellbeing & Individual Massage Therapies'
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Clinic-based Sessions

Please use these frequently asked questions to get to know us better..

With an effort to keep our clinics and working environments free from COVID-19 for the protection of both our therapists and clients we have implemented a number of necessary changes and developments of usual practises, with the main ones stated below:

-Prior to every session, clients will need to update their profile before, or at the start of the session with the therapist, specifically to check for symptoms of COVID-19. This can be done easily online via ‘My Bookings’.

-Thorough cleaning of surfaces between sessions will include door handles, gel bottles and other hot spot areas that have been touched.

-Hygiene posters will be on display to encourage good practise, and clinics will remain decluttered as much as possible.

-Chairs will be placed 2 meters from each other during consultation for distancing until these measures change. These will be covered with pieces of disposable cover, which will be thrown away and refreshed after each client.

-We request that all clothes, bags and shoes are placed neatly on surfaces that will be cleaned post session.

-Bed linen will be kept to a minimum, and the entire bed will be cleaned before and after every treatment.

– All washable linen will be stored in a closed lid basket and the bed made up and refreshed for each client as normal.

– Therapists will greet all clients outside of the room and will be wearing masks.  We will refrain from handshakes and will maintain distancing where possible around the treatment.

– We will have disposable masks for clients who are unable to provide their own should you wish to use them during the treatment.  This is not obligatory but recommended for everyone currently moving around public places.

– Whilst we can provide clients with both masks and water, we encourage individuals to bring their own bottle of water and own masks where possible.

– Glasses we use to offer water in, will have been dish washer washed prior to each individual use.

– Hand sainting gel is as always available. This and/or hand washing with soap and water prior to and after each treatment must be done by both the therapist and the client.

– Disposable tissues will be available as needed and should be disposed of immediately in the clinic’s pedal bins.

– We urge clients to rearrange sessions if they feel at all unwell on the day of a session. This can be easily done under My Bookings.

– We discourage high risk clients from receiving treatments until the Government advises otherwise.

– Should clients develop symptoms and are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 2 weeks of having a treatment, it is essential that you please contact Target Therapies to inform us of this.

 – Where client numbers become high for a given day, we may contact clients to ask to move to another day to ensure the flow of clients doesn’t exceed advise and guidelines provided by our regulatory bodies. 

We hope that these measures not only reassure you that we are doing everything possible to keep our clinics sterile and comfortable for you, but to enable treatments to continue smoothly and comfortably.  We shall of course adapt and update our procedures are recommended by our Governing Bodies as required. 

Please see our Clinic page on the homepage.

We take advanced payment at the time of booking as this alerts the therapist to your booking. This can be done via secure online payment at the time of booking or via the pending booking email, or in My Bookings area.  If for any reason you are unable to do this, please contact us.

We advise confirmation of bookings sooner rather than later, so your therapist knows they have a session. Therapist are alerted to confirmed sessions only so pending payments may not be registered.

Please go log in at ‘My Bookings’ on our homepage to amend a your booking. Please do not pay again if prompted but send a message to info@targettherapies.co.uk to mention that you have had to change your previously confirmed booking. This will be checked with the therapist and then confirmed on your behalf.

To help avoid sudden gaps in the day, we kindly request for any booking changes to be done as early as possible rather than last minute. Bookings can however be rescheduled in My Bookings up to 24 hours prior to your session without any additional charge.  Should you wish to entirely cancel your booking to receive a credit note please also email us at info@targettherapies.co.uk.  No shows on the day will be charged at the full rate.

We recommend the 60-minute session for an initial Sports or Deep Tissue Massage due to the initial consultation period and need to understand the reason for therapy. 

Sports & Remedial Massages are designed to suit those with existing physical pains, limited ROM or injury. These sessions may include postural assessments, range of motion tests, stretching and mobility work in addition to massage.

Deep Tissue Massage is for those looking to resolve muscular discomfort or tension, through focused soft tissue work.

Relaxing & Aromatherapy Massages are more relaxing and holistic in nature, designed to resolve stress throughout the body and provide that much needed TLC.

Tui Na Eastern Style Massage (Sherfield on Loddon Clinic only) is a great option for those who prefer over the clothes massage to resolve muscular tension, aches and pains.

Via Book Now and choosing your initial membership session! By choosing and purchasing the online booking option of ‘Membership’, you will be issued with a unique key fob containing your membership code and further 10% discount code.

This can be done online via the ‘Book and Pay Here’ tab on our homepage.

On your initial session, if you are not led straight to the massage room, please wait in the reception area and your therapist will come to meet you. On subsequent sessions, please make your way to the chairs outside of the therapy room, where the therapist will collect you.

Yes. Any changes must be reported in full at the beginning of each session and be updated in your Health Form Prior to each Session. 

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage by nature go deep into the muscle and are looking for soft tissue change. As a result there can be some level of discomfort or pain at certain points. Often this sensation is referred to as ‘good pain’. However, you should not be in considerable or constant pain and it is essential to communicate clearly the pain levels you are experiencing so the pressure can be matched you.

Follow any home advise provided by your therapist. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water post massage to flush out the toxins and maintain gentle movement of treated areas. Light exercise is fine although is it advisable to let the body recover for at least 24 hours before embarking on a strenuous workout.

You will receive a feedback form via email 24 hours after your session to give any feedback or updates on your injury/condition as desired or requested. We also encourage and welcome positive Google Reviews where clients are happy to provide them.

Please email info@targettherapies.co.uk with all complaints or concerns. We are always looking to improve and refine our service and provide treatments with the upmost care and consideration and appreciate any comments you may have.

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