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Massage is not only great for the soul, it is fulfils a fundamental need for emotional and physical wellbeing.  In order to develop in childhood, flourish in adulthood and fight infecion and disease, touch and sensory input from the external world has proven to be essential.  In an extremely face paced life, massage provides frequent service breaks that very few of us manage to fully achieve in and amongst our many ongoing tasks and daily activities.



When receiving massage, you are given the opportunity to stop completely, to allow your body and mind to fully relax, and receive the many wonderful and therapeutic effects of touch and soft tissue manipulation.

Whether you require a remedial sports massage or welcomed health break from a hard day in the office, we wil be happy to provide the massage that best suits your needs.

Specialising in both On Site and Clinic Based Massage, Target Therapies with endeavour to provide you with a first class service that will help you reach improved health and sporting performance.


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