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Helping you achieve that ideal work-life balance to remain physically active, supple and pain-free!


Soft Tissue Remedial Massage 

Choose from a range of Sports and Deep Tissue Massages, to resolve soft-tissue injury; muscular tension and to maintain a supple, healthy body.

Sports Massages are extremely effective on all sort of stubborn injuries and niggling pains. Through the use of specific techniques, stretches and home care advice, all designed to promote the rapid repair of soft tissue damage, we can have you back training and performing pain-free in no time!

Prevention of injury and joint pain is of course the ultimate ideal and one we highly recommend!  Regular Deep Tissue Maintenance sessions are highly suited to all walks of life,  designed to keep us as physically young and active as possible. Aside from being a highly therapeutic and deeply relaxing, Deep Tissue Massage can have a tremendously positive impact on our muscles by ridding fatigued muscles of lactic acid, promoting blood circulation through the cells, removing both physical and mental tension and restoring smooth and correctly functioning muscle fibres, whilst significantly enhancing join flexibility.  Whether you prefer a lighter touch or an extremely firm massage, this is the massage for you!

Currently based in Basingstoke, choose from our Basingstoke Sports Centre or Basing View Clinic today!

Holistic Therapies 

The nature of massage inevitably effects both the body and the mind.  Whether you choose our blissfully relaxing Swedish Massage, re-balancing and harmonising reflexology sessions, or stress-dissolving Indian Head Massage, we have no doubt you will walk away with a tremendous sense of relaxation, self-balance and enhanced well-being.

Ideal for pamper evenings, parties or as a birthday gift, our holistic therapy sessions will allow you to melt into the deepest states of relaxation and enjoyment. 

On-Site Corporate Massage 

Life doesn’t always allow us to look after ourselves as we perhaps should. Hours sat at a desk, the repetitive nature of mouse and keyboard use, and even just the emotional strain of balancing pressures from both work and home, do eventually take their toll.

With an aim to reduce employee absenteeism, promote good posture, prevent lower back ache, severe shoulder tension, headaches and burnout, we can offer you an invaluable employee benefit through on-site massage.

As professionals specialising in a range of on-site seated massages, we can provide short, efficient and highly effect massages ideally suited for the office environment.  Performed per employee in just 10 to 15 minutes, on-site seated massage is perfect for a range of events including wellness days, exhibitions, team-building days, as well as being the ideal regular employee benefit.  Seated on-site massage never fails to make an impact, on each and every client, resulting in employees feeling refreshed, valued, de-stressed and physically well.

Currently based in and around Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey, as well as other locations throughout the UK.

So, whether you require a remedial sports massage or a much needed health break from a hard day in the office, we will endeavour to provide you with a first class standard, best suited to meet your needs.

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