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Tui Na is a traditional Chinese therapeutic massage that combines various techniques such as kneading and stretching, to harmonise the body’s energy, known as Qi, to achieve balance and overall well-being. 

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Benefits of Tui Na

  • Relieves muscle tension 
  • Improves blood circulation and Qi flow
  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Enhances overall balance and well-being

Our recommendation

“Tui Na massage, deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, is excellent for relieving muscular and joint pain. It’s more than a physical treatment; it balances the body’s energy, offering holistic rejuvenation for both body and mind. Ideal for restoring vitality and harmony, Tui Na is a therapeutic choice for overall well-being.” – our Lead Therapist

What to expect during a Tui Na

After being greeted by your therapist, a short consultation will be held to identify any specific areas you would like to focus on so your therapist can best address your needs. 

During the session, you may experience a combination of massage techniques using hands, fingers and elbows. Your therapist will target specific areas of tension, manipulating muscles and joints to restore balance, improve energy flow and alleviate discomfort.

FAQs about Tui Na

Sherfield-on-Loddon clinic offers Tui Na treatments.

Tui Na employs specific techniques focused on Qi flow and acupressure points, differing from the approach of other massage therapies.

Expect a sense of relaxation, relief from your symptoms and possibly mild post-treatment soreness. Individual experiences may vary but many experience improvements in targeted areas. We recommend you drink plenty of water after your treatment to help aid recovery and to flush any toxins out of your system that have been released.

Tui Na is a suitable treatment for almost everyone, but it might not be recommended for individuals recovering from recent surgeries, severe osteoporosis, or those with contagious skin conditions or those who are pregnant. Please consult your therapist and healthcare provider before your session. 

Yes, Tui Na can help manage chronic pain conditions (like back pain, neck pain, and arthritis), headaches, digestive problems, insomnia and stress-related conditions by promoting circulation, aiding relaxation, addressing muscular tension and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

Frequency depends on individual needs and goals, but regular sessions, whether weekly or monthly, often yield the best results for lasting improvements in health and well-being.

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reduced pain

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I am currently awaiting possible full shoulder replacement due to major wear and tear which is causing enormous pain and restriction of movement. With a mixture of massage of the muscles and soft tissue near, but not on the shoulder blade or upper arm, and some reflexology Jen was able to reduce the pain and make some arm movements much less painful. Pending surgery I expect more visits to keep as much pain at bay as possible.

I felt a lot better

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Thank you for the deep muscle massage sessions to help me with the pain I have been experiencing in my arm.  Already in the first session I felt a lot better and after the second I can now ride my bike without the intense burning sensation. I also enjoyed the more relaxing therapies I had at your pamper evening, well done to you and your team.

Tui Na is available in Sherfield-On-Loddon.