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Chronic pain management and the benefits of massage

This Disability Awareness Day, observed on 3rd December, serves as a reminder to shed light on often overlooked symptoms of disability, notably chronic pain. With millions worldwide affected by this persistent pain, it is essential to acknowledge its prevalence and the significant impact it has on individuals’ lives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 20% of adults globally endure chronic pain, highlighting the urgency to address this issue.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is categorised as physical pain or discomfort that persists for an extended period, often well past the usual healing time for an injury or illness. Causes are varied and many, stemming from injuries and medical conditions to nerve damage and stress-induced discomfort.

Chronic pain is not only a physical ailment that has a significant impact on daily life but it also causes emotional distress, affecting mood, sleep patterns and overall quality of life.

A Solution for Chronic Pain Management:

At Target Therapies we recognise the multifaceted challenges posed by chronic pain and we can help. We are specialists in targeted and individualised massage designed to address specific issues that affect you. Our Chronic Pain Package has been carefully crafted to alleviate discomfort, reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote natural pain and stress relief. 

The Benefits of the Chronic Pain Package

  • Reduction of Muscle Tension: Our targeted treatments aim to identify and alleviate muscle tension, a common contributor to chronic pain. By employing specific techniques, we work towards relaxing tense muscles, promoting flexibility, and ultimately reducing discomfort.
  • Improved Circulation: Enhanced blood circulation plays a pivotal role in easing chronic pain. Our massages focus on stimulating blood flow to affected areas, aiding in the natural healing process and reducing inflammation.
  • Promotion of Natural Pain and Stress Relief: Through specialised massage techniques, we aid the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Additionally, these sessions promote relaxation, easing stress levels, and consequently alleviating pain symptoms.

Our goal at Target Therapies is to help you regain control over your life despite chronic pain. By addressing the physical discomfort and the emotional toll it takes, our Chronic Pain Package will provide a pathway towards relief, helping you return to the activities you love. Chronic pain may be an enduring challenge, but it doesn’t have to define your life.

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