Should I get a pre-event or post-event massage?

When deciding between a pre-event or post-event massage, consider the following differences:

Pre-Event Massage:

Objective: A pre-event massage occurs within the 48 hours prior to a sports event. Its purpose is to warm up and loosen the muscles, preparing them for intense performance.

Techniques: It incorporates more stimulating techniques to increase circulation and flexibility, aiming to enhance your overall performance during the event.


  • Increases the circulation of blood to the muscles in order to oxygenate them and flush out toxins
  • Helps the muscles to relax so that they can perform a full range of motion

Improve mental clarity to help you prepare fully.

Post-Event Massage:

Objective: A post-event massage is performed immediately after the event. Its focus is on muscle recovery.


  • Flushes toxins and lactic acid that accumulate during exercise.
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces soreness.
  • Promotes healing and reduces swelling.
  • Assists with the cool-down routine that athletes may be too tired to perform properly.
  • Helps you mentally relax and recover from the event

In summary, if you want to prepare your muscles for optimal performance, choose a pre-event massage. If you’re looking to aid muscle recovery after the event, opt for a post-event massage. Both have their unique benefits, so consider your specific needs and timing

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